Posted by: DrAlanRae | December 18, 2015

Business Re-set. A programme for you who want to develop your business?

We are currently trialling a business support offer for people whose businesses have got stuck.

It’s called the Business Re-set programme and is being run in conjunction with Sussex Chamber of Commerce.

It’s in two parts – a briefing session “Pause for Thought” at which you will meet with our facilitator  and 3 other business owners. We’ll present and  discuss some common issues that cause businesses to get stuck.

It will cover the dynamics of market development and product life cycles, how digital technologies are accelerating this and how to identify common barriers and what to do about them.

The second phase – Business Re-boot – is a 75 minute intensive meeting with a seasoned business adviser to explore a particular issue of your choice in some depth.

You will go away with context, ideas and a workable plan to get to next base.

The price is £50 for Sussex Chamber of Commerce Members and £250 for non-members.  If you decided to join the chamber, Bronze membership is £199 but we can help you achieve a £50 discount on membership so the programme will cost you £199 together with the wide range of benefits the chamber offers.  You can book directly via the chamber here.

To discuss the membership discount or to find out more about how the programme will work for you telephone us first on 0845 047 0407


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