Posted by: DrAlanRae | February 23, 2015

#EUVAT @EUVATACTION – here is the text of an email I’ve sent today to

While I appreciate the efforts that HMRC have made to ameliorate some of the worst effects of this legislation I would like to point out that

  • It is supposed to providing a level playing field but because the administrative burden of collecting the required two pieces of information is beyond the capacity of most small businesses to achieve reliably it has the effect of driving them to use the very intermediaries who have been avoiding tax by locating in low VAT jurisdictions.
  • This has the effect of drastically reducing profit margins below the level of viability on the one hand and leaves them at the mercy of the longwinded and often capricious decision making processes of these large, almost universally US based corporations who cannot be relied upon as sound business partners
  • In our own case I have shelved plans to ramp up my offerings of high quality business education products because the cost of compliance is simply unrealistic.

We enjoy a realistic VAT threshold in general in the UK. We need a similar threshold for all such products applied to intra EU trade across all EU jurisdictions. Nothing else is equitable, workable or realistic.

Thank you for your attention

Alan Rae

Please write your own letter to the relevant official in your own country detailing why this legislation needs revising and outlining the negative impacts it’s having on your own business

You can find the relevant contact for your country here.

EU VAT contact email addresses for each country:

  • Austria: Mr Ernst Radlwimmer,
  • Belgium: General administration of Taxes,
  • Bulgaria: National Revenue Agency,
  • Croatia: Ms Ines Tomic, Senior VAT advisor in the Tax Administration, Head Office,
  • Cyprus: Mrs Martha Argyrou, VAT Officer,
  • Czech Republic: No name given,
  • Denmark: Mr Bent Lauridsen,
  • Estonia: Ms Kaia Maltsaar, Chief Specialist of the Tax Department of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board,
  • Finland: M. Martin Klam, Chef du bureau D1 – TVA,
  • Germany: No name given, Contact form, https, //
  • Greece: Antonia Stathi, Head of Section E,
  • Hungary: No name given,
  • Ireland: Dermot Donegan,
  • Italy: No name given,
  • Latvia: No name given,
  • Lithuania: Ms Andra Cerneviciute,
  • tel: 00370 5 266 8228: Luxembourg,
  • Malta: No information received
  • The Netherlands: Mr A.J. Blank,
  • Poland: Mr Marcin Chrostowski,
  • Portugal: Ms Olivia Mauricio,
  • Romania: No information received
  • Slovakia: Mr Libor Puhalla,
  • Slovenia: Ms Mija Thaler,
  • Spain: Legal transposition, Begoña Hernando Polo,
  • Sweden: No name given,
  • United Kingdom: No name given,

We’re really excited about this: if we can get Ansip’s support and get everyone in the EU talking about this, Monday could be a real game-changer for the campaign! Let’s make it happen.

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