Posted by: DrAlanRae | April 6, 2012

Quick question about working with Universities

I’m currently doing a research project for a University interested in what parts of their new media, business and computing offers could be interesting for small and medium companies.

I’ll be promoting a proper questionnaire in due course but what – if anything – would you find helpful in things like mobile apps, cloud computing or imaginative use of digital media in the meantime?

How would you like to access University resources – and what results do you think you could gain?




  1. Universities sit on top of masses of research, papers, articles and have access to many thousands of market research portals and articles.

    The millions of small businesses and self employed businesses could take great advantage of this information and use it for its true worth and grow themselves according to accurate and relevant data.

    The purchasing power of this market should be leveraged so that valuable research is sold to many, at fair rates in £10’s to £100’s per enquiry rather than £1000’s. This revenue can be split fairly between researchers and their aggregators and will show Universities one of their untapped resources as centres of learning and give them access to the market they want the most – business.

    When done, let’s all learn at the rates we want, answering the questions we have, according to current needs and speed up research to become focused on the needs of business as well as for academic reference.

    Oh and let me know if I can help, it would be a really passionate potentially invigorating and hugely satisfying opportunity!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment – its a great insight. Whereabouts are you based?

  3. It is a great insight 🙂

    I’m based in Wolverhampton. You can either connect via LinkedIn (we’re connected directly) via twitter @garyjohnlennon, by mobile 07788 543955 or via email

    I look forward to the next communication.

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