Posted by: DrAlanRae | March 10, 2012

Business Basics 2 – Market Behaviour and Growing Pains

When setting up a new business, it’s always helpful to have some idea of the space you’re going to be playing in. Once upon a time when Sun Tzu was fashionable in business strategy I took it upon myself to condense the art of war into a sentence.

Know yourself, know your enemy and know the terrain in which you are going to engage them and you’re more likely to win than if you don’t. I know there’s a whole lot more about burning your boats and smashing your cooking pots before attacking (not to mention beheading a couple of the Emperors favourite concubines pour encourager les autres) but for the purposes of this blog that’s enough.

So this one is about the terrain – the way that market’s consolidate and you need to decide whether you’re part of the Gorilla’s Gang or whether you’re going to play nicely with the other Monkeys.

It also covers the kind of issues you’re going to hit along the way – moving premises, recruiting staff (particularly the sales staff) knowing when you’re going to have to stump up for my IT and a totally unexpected wrinkle that kicks in once the company has more than 10 people in it.

So that’s what this little video is about – its about 15 minutes this one – likely to be the longest one – but it’s interesting stuff.

Well I think so anyway



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