Posted by: DrAlanRae | September 6, 2011

Brand UK part 2 event

At the last brand network event we were discussing what makes Britain unique – what is the underlying essence of Brand UK?

In a fit of uncharacteristic prophecy I said – Misbehaviour. This was about 2 weeks before the riots kicked off.

It can perhaps be summarised by our unofficial national anthem. The one that starts “We don’t need no education”.

I was arguing that its the positive side of this streak of bloody mindedness – Wunt be Druv as they say around here – that is the source of the creativity that the rest of the world knows us for held in dynamic tension with the kind of precision operations that make things like Royal Weddings and trouping the colour possible.

My partner in crime in the brand network – – Mark Wing – has insisted that I come and defend this point of view at a special brand network event on Thursday at our usual haunt the ship in Fitzrovia.

You can sign up here This is an official Ecademy event btw given that the Brand Network is an Ecademy Club.

Of course if you can’t wait till then you can always debate the point here.




  1. Get inspired by this video clip: Brand Britain – The Innovation Isle

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