Posted by: DrAlanRae | August 9, 2011

Growing Jobs now published in extended edition as a paperback

Last year we did some work for SEEDA looking at what it would take to build a world class workforce for the horticultural industry.

This meant talking to 30 or so growers, finding some good case studies of simple but effective practices and distilling out some basic principles of good practice suitable for smaller businesses. At the end of last year I published the report and case studies as a paperback.

Now I’ve added the evidence base – a review of current thinking on high performance work practices and what aspects of it are useful to small businesses generally based on the research and our own experience of running IT, training and horticultural businesses over a 30 year period. This produces a useful guide to companies in the process of growing that are having to start being a bit more deliberate in the way they manage their staff.

You can read some of the book here.


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