Posted by: DrAlanRae | July 1, 2011

Business Research

Like lots of us, I have a certain amount of difficulty defining exactly what it is that I do.

Be reassured – if you think your life is too complicated to fit into an elevator pitch you’re not alone.  However one great thing about being an Ecademy member is that the blog page is always full of knowledgeable and clever people banging on about the latest practicalities in things Digital.

So two of these guys were having a chat about what one of them did and to prove a point the other put his ecademy profile into Wordle to see what he actually wrote about.

Hmm I thought – let’s put Alan Rae’s Profile into Wordle and see what we get.

I should add that I’ve been using wordle extensively on my current research project to find out what’s the most prominent concern of the respondents in qualititative answers.  Effectively it turns a load of text into a tag cloud reflecting the relative importance of each word according to how big the font is.

So here in a nutshell is what I’m all about . If you want to try it yourself you can find this free utility at    It’s telling me I do Business Research.  That’s a relief for someone with a site called At least I’m displaying a modicum of congruency by being on my own message. It’s surrounded mainly by things to do with our family horticultural business – so that’s encouraging too.

More anon.



  1. Thank you Alan for sharing the link for the free utility at I think this method of sharing information is extremely vital for people use “Visual Learning Tools

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