Posted by: DrAlanRae | June 24, 2011

Social Media for Real Businesses

Social Media for Real Businesses

Social Media for Real Businesses

Well I’ve finally got a published book with an ISBN number – (well its the second one really – there was always the Business Link’s Fast track to e-commerce published in 2002)

It’s called Social Media for Real Businesses and is there to help people who are a bit unsure about all this stuff how to use it to create the social proof that people look at when wondering who to buy things from.

It covers how to create your story, how to develop the digital collateral to back it up using tools like YouTube, Slide Share and and how to get other people to talk about it in social media networks. And how to use twitter to tie it all together.

The book recognises that most of us are not selling to the twitterati – we want to sell real goods and services to real people that we meet or are introduced to. What we want from all this web malarky is ways for people to find us and find out what we’re good at so that when they meet us they take us seriously.

That’s what it covers and it’s based on our current business (which after 7 years has several online businesses ranging from Plants4presents to 1Man Brand) fortified with a long running research collaboration with several business schools into how businesses really market and sell, what are the reasons that people go on line and what are the special requirements of companies in supply chains and one man knowledge businesses.

You can check the book out here and read some of it for free.

Or if you’re already sold you can buy it directly from me here.


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