Posted by: DrAlanRae | February 22, 2011

Is the world ready for disobedience coaching?

I’ve been intrigued by the idea that disobedience is a core competency for a long time.

One of the unofficial skills of running a business is knowing which bits of the rafts of regulation and compliance that our masters serve up to us can be safely ignored and which bits can’t.

However we live in times where people under the age of 40 think that compliance is normal. I suppose people over 65 do too – but the kind of obedience we had to break free from in the 60s was qualitatively quite different, maintained by social pressure from saloon bar colonels and Mrs Whitehouse rather than today’s army of tickboxing jobsworths.

However the challenge for anyone emerging from a lifetime of corporate or public sector obedience to become a brand new thrusting entrepreneur is how to break the habit of a lifetime.

There’s no shortage of excellent material around on the practicalities of running a business – marketing, HR, systems etc – but having the chutzpah to walk on water (as all small business owners do most of the time) – transferring that is hard.

There seems to be quite a ground swell of disobedience around lconsidering the Tea-baggers in the US, the wave of rejection of authoritarianism in the Arab World and our own government backing off over the forests.

So the question gentle reader is this.

Corporate refugees need it, they are beginning to want it.

But will they pay for it.

What do you reckon?



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