Posted by: DrAlanRae | December 14, 2010

Growing Jobs report now available in Paperback!

Thanks to the wonders of social media marketing and a great new site called Completely Novel you can now buy the Growing Jobs report and the case studies as a paperback – 57 pages for £5.99

Growing Jobs was a project that we carried out earlier this year looking at what it would take to create a world class workforce in the horticultural industry. We were selected because we specialise in Business Performance Research and are also organic growers trading as Fletching Glasshouses.

It identified 6 key principles of workforce development and created 4 case studies with PDFs and short video clips of the people involved telling their own stories.

The 6 principles were

1) Adopt Good HR Practices
2) Keep your core team employed throughout the year
3) Find ways to make peak resourcing easier
4) Be innovative in looking for new blood
5) Be prepared to organise your own training
6) Promote our industry as a good place to work

You can find out more details at the website

You can use this link to buy the report now.

The completely novel site also allows you to read it online before you buy it.

If you do got this route, please let me know how you get on



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