Posted by: DrAlanRae | November 22, 2010

Using Social Media in the Real World

We’ve been experimenting with various ways of getting your message across over the last few months.

One that’s quite powerful is Camtasia. It allows you to put voice overs onto power point slide presentations to produce good quality flash movies that can be embedded into blogs or other web pages. You do this by creating the video, posting it onto YouTube (or Viddler or vimeo) and then simply cut and paste the code into the page.

Here’s an example. It’s the first of three on thow to use social media for real business and it covers getting your story straight.

In following blogs we’ll look at how you can use some new tools to build a powerful collateral library and then how to deploy them using twitter, linked-in and facebook to provide the kind of story that you would want prospective business partners to find when they check you out via Google before or after they meet you. Again we’ll use the Camtasia created movie to tell the story. One thing that’s nice is you can also produce an MP3 sound only version.

So here’s part one – becoming a story teller.

Look out for part two soon.


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