Posted by: DrAlanRae | November 17, 2010

Facebook – the creeping giant

A fundamental characteristic of the internet (like life generally) is that nothing stays the same for long.

While most folks have been focusing on twitter, Google and linked-in to build their online story, Facebook has been quietly stealing their lunch.

According to Robin Goad’s brilliant blog “Hitwise Intelligence” Here in the UK, it’s now second only to Google in terms of visits and vastly swamps anything else in terms of pages viewed. In September it received 16.4% of all page views in the UK. That’s of ALL of them. It also accounted for 7.27% of all visits in the last period – only being pipped at the post by Google with 8.99%

It now has 55% of the visits for social networks – with YouTube the next player at 16% and it accounts for nearly 10% of ongoing traffic to sites making it the second most important source of traffic after Google. This figure rises to 12% for online retail sites.

So if you haven’t got a facebook strategy or at least a fan page yet – maybe you should be thinking about it.

Bit of a wake up call really. Here’s a nice picture of Facebook sneaking up on Google to finish up with.

Facebook vs Google visits Nov 2010

Facebook creeping up on Google


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