Posted by: DrAlanRae | November 5, 2010

Making a statement

One of the main tasks you need to fulfil to promote yourself as an expert in your field is to have a body of credibility building stuff available to be found whenever someone checks you out by Googling you – generally just before or just after they’ve met you.

You need to have things available that demonstrate you know your stuff, are easy to work with and will deliver.

Like any promotional task it happens in three stages

1 Have your story available
2 Find your audience
3 Interact with them to spread the word

Over the next couple of posts I’m going to explore this a bit – particularly looking at a few tools that might be useful to you in getting your story promoted.

Experience has taught me that ntegrity and authenticity are key because whatever goes on line never goes away – so don’t do anything your mother wouldn’t like because you will be found out. That means no drunken photographs and no on line bullying to show how clever you are.

While some people buy the bad boy – we should probably bear in mind that actually what works for Keef and Mick is not going to work for us.

The other point (which I’m really bad at remembering is that eople have really really short attention spans
Increasingly if it won’t fit on your iPhone or Android forget it – the trend is for mobile information streams on the move.

If you want to really build an online following you need to be followed by the influential and have permission to contact the rest when you’ve got something worth saying.

In short you need to track down who the players are – in your field, in your industry and get them to know who you are and like what you say.

So we’re going to look at this in two chunks

1 Building Your Story
2 Finding your audience and interacting with it

More soon


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