Posted by: DrAlanRae | August 13, 2010

What holds companies back?

Research – carried out for business schools, UK government, business link and IT vendors tells us that business owners like you worry mainly about sales and marketing and cash flow. These are the things they struggle with. A recent survey we carried out identified eighteen issues that more than  one third of the survey struggled with. Of these 13 were to do with marketing and 2 were to do with cash availability. The other 3 were how to carry out research, how to use KPIs and how to attract staff. The top 3 services that companies required were.

  1. Help with creating white papers, presentations and other high quality collateral
  2. Help with selling successfully to larger organisations
  3. Help with Market Research.

Companies were happy with their systems and people motivation and retention – the biggest worry is getting a good stream of new customers.

However experience tells a different story. We know that if you want your business to succeed you have to grow the business in an integrated way. You need to

– Create new products

– Produce and deliver them reliably

– Tell the market about them online and in person.

– Motivate staff to make it happen

All based on the vision and values that provide the energy to drive your company forward

I’ve  run 4 successful businesses in 30 years and the main thing we’ve learned is that your brand depends on performance. You do need systematic ways of developing the products you need. But you also need the systems to deliver without mistakes and attract and keep good people to run them for you.

If you don’t pay attention to these things your business won’t grow. I promise you.



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