Posted by: DrAlanRae | July 20, 2010

10 indicators of companies that are running well

1.Aware of their products/position vs competitors
They know who they’re really competing with. Harley Davidson’s biggest competitor is not another motorcycle – it’s a conservatory.
2.Have survived moving premises
They’ve managed to be organised enough to contain the vast upheaval in systems, IT and suppliers that moving premises brings in its wake.  You can read about our experiences in moving our current company here.
3.Developing management structure
They’ve recognised that not everyone thinks the same way and that someone is needed at senior level who actually LIKES doing process.
4.Diversified Customer Base
They don’t have all their eggs in one basket.
5.Systematic new product development
Have developed a systematic approach to creating new products that appeal to their customers. They talk to the customers and build on what they’ve already done successfully. They’ve grasped that its easier to sell new products to old customers than old products to new customers. That puts them in a minority of three to one.
6.Developing HR systems
They’ve recognised that simple. reliable, practical HR practices is one of the corner stones of attracting and then keeping talent.
7.Believe in learning (and training )
They’ve understood Senge and the Fifth Discipline. They know that the only sustainable competitive advantage you can have unless you’re a real Gorilla like CocaCola, Microsoft or Ford is to learn how to learn faster than the competition. And they’ve worked on getting the supporting disciplines of personal mastery, shared visions, teamed learning and mental models to actually work.
8.Have demonstrated supply chain behaviour – have geared themselves up to quote effectively – and demonstrate that they are able to conform to accreditation standards
They’ve twigged that signing up for a standard – whether it’s Soil Association, ISO 14000 or even good old investors in People will take your company a long way forward in terms of its ability to succeed as a growth organisation.
9.Network for advice, collaboration and strategic partners
The have understood that you network for a life support system – not crumbs of cheap sales hear and there.
10.Are passionate about doing it right first time.
Because that’s the basis of personal mastery.

What do you think chaps? Makes Sense?


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