Posted by: DrAlanRae | July 2, 2010

The BrainMap® gets it’s own site

For some time I’ve been looking at expanding the on-line cover on a couple of topics. So we’ve created a new site to focus on the BrainMap.

As you may know we’ve worked extensively with Dudley Lynch of Brain Technologies who wrote the Strategy of the Dolphin in the Eighties. He also created a number of self assessment personality tools which are particularly useful in understanding what our thinking style, how are values systems have developed, how we handle conflict and how we choose our path in life.

So the site allows us to explore how these tools can be applied to marketing and to leadership by helping you understand how you think and what your values are and be extension those of the people you want to work with as customers and as colleagues. Gaining this understanding should allow you to create narratives that resonate with the other people and make it easier to move your business forward.

The BrainMap model starts from the premise that our thinking style is a balance between a bias for thinking vs a bias for action and a preference for detail and results vs relationships and the big picture. We all have capacities in each of these areas, but each individual has a unique pattern but will have a centre of gravity that lies in one of these brain quadrants.

Left Brained BrainMap

Left Brained BrainMap

The picture here shows an individual who by preference is orientated towards thinking, detail and getting results.  As you can see the individual is has a bias for control and for action – less focused on exploring and building relationships.

In trying to convince this individual you would  probably be advised to focus on the facts, on proven solutions and in putting forward a perceived low-risk option.

The site itself has full details of all the different products and their uses.

So please visit us at the BrainMap site


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