Posted by: DrAlanRae | April 14, 2010

More new tools – Slideshare

Slideshare is something I’ve known about for ages but never done very much with.

Needless to say it’s got more going for it than I had thought – not only can you create and publish your own slides and pdf but you can also insert you-tube videos into it and arrange to be sent leads – if you’re really stingy you can get email only leads for $1 each.

Since you can embed the information into blogs, ecademy web pages and linked-in profiles you can soon start to get your message about what you do spread around in a much more structured and pointed way.

Like so much else in 21st Century business, less is more. If you can get what you have to offer communicated clearly, quickly and with high impact – and then make sure the hooks are built in for othe people to spread it for you then you can achieve a surprising amount from limited resources. The holy grail of the small business.

I’ve been playing around with this as I’ve got a new project dealing with distance learning coming up with my pals from Southampton University. So here’s one I prepared earlier – if you want to know how it’s done give me a call.

more anon.


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