Posted by: DrAlanRae | March 9, 2010

Springing Forward

I’ve been pretty inactive in social media for the last few weeks mainly because I’ve had my head down on a major research project into the workforce needs of the horticultural industry. The inactivity has been compounded by a series of IT niggles caused by the mutual hostility (in the battleground of my main PC) between Microsoft and Norton Utilities. In the process of sorting this out I’ve had both my main twitter account and the sites hacked plus a lot of mucking about with version incompatibilies between Microsoft and Adobe which have led to totally un-necessary purchases of software – from a users point of view – to fulfil the needs of my customers.

Anyway no more whingeing – at last it’s stopped raining and the orders for plants and gardening stuff are starting to motor ahead now that the sun’s come out to play.

The most interesting thing about the horticultural project is that it has both re-inforced my ideas about what it takes to run a successful business and to appreciate how powerful the application of basic HR is into a small company.

Building a successful business is all about coming up with a set of products or services that people want to buy and creating a narrative that connects you to the customer – whoever that may be. Then you have to build the systems to deliver reliably and attract, develop and retain the people to make it happen.

All the time its about vision and process, right brain to see the possibilities and make the connections and left brain to make sure you have tight systems that can deliver. Making the synthesis intellectually but having the energy and drive to push it through.

No wonder I think the BrainMap is such a powerful tool since it lets us understand how you need to use the totality of yourself to make things happen.

More anon.


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