Posted by: DrAlanRae | January 25, 2010

Moving Forward

Well that’s been an interesting start to the year -with all the snow the gutters on the glasshouses bowed and the glass broke. When it melted the gutters sorted themselves out – but the glass was still broken – around 200 panes. So as you might imagine we’ve been a bit distracted here – however, normal service is now resumed.

In the last post before Christmas I was telling you about setting up a Facebook fan page for The Intelligent Garden. As it turned out I got 100 fans quite quickly from my chums but I’ve now got another 20 people that I don’t know who have signed up. Which is quite exciting.

The site itself is selling product at the rate of over £300 a week – lots of pH meters, soil testing kit and wireless weather stations.

So so far so good. This bears out the traditional How to do Business approach about getting a good set of products, finding a voice and telling the story consistently often enough to get the results you want. I conceived The Intelligent Garden as a vehicle to demonstrate the principles of the Punch Above Your Weight Programme for internet marketing which I devised with Lisa Harris of Brunel and now of Southampton Universities. I’ll keep you posted of results.

I’ve building the Story by creating the site as a blog site so that I can add something which I think the customers will find worth knowing regularly. I’m aiming at 3 times a week and the content will be a mixture of product reviews, topical tips and a science in the garden course which will build organically.

You can check out the site here and I’m also adding it to the blogroll on this site so you can keep up with developments.

More Soon. Happy New Year to you all




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