Posted by: DrAlanRae | July 3, 2009

You have 12 hours a week

I’ve been working quite hard on some new materials over the last month or so. A new web copywriting course and a workshop on how to support groups using social media.

However what’s been my real focus is a marketing workshop based on the findings of the last research project. This threw up some really interesting findings about under what circumstances it makes sense to use online media instead of focusing on face to face networking.

The survey itself revealed that the average small business owner spends 12 hours a week on promotion – sales, networking, online activity, conventional marketing. Everything you do has to fit into that envelope – so what to do?

Are you better off focusing on your local BNI branch and getting to know really well the 20-30 individuals who you hope will refer you the business that you need – or are you better off focusing on building an internet presence which will randomly connect you to people all over the world? Or a bit of each?

The last bit of analysis we did suggested that your strategy is going to depend on whether your business is local and whether it is scalable. We ended up by dividing our responders according to those criteria and this is the pattern we found.

Local Scalable

It turns out that the strategy to follow very much depends on which group you find yourself in.

The workshop will help you achieve 3 things

1) Become absolutely clear about your story – the narrative that connects you to your customers on an emotional level. Our research shows that this is absolutely critical for credibility and referrals

2) Decide how much online activity you should include in your strategy – and what other marketing tools will work for you

3) Give you some pointers on effective networking and a clear understanding of how to build and maintain a strong online presence suitable for your business without spending your life at it.

First outing of the Workshop is in the Gatwick Area 17th July. More details here. 


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