Posted by: DrAlanRae | June 15, 2009

Building your collaboration gang – Part 2

So what are the tools of choice?, and Docs and BaseCamp are 3 that should be in the frame for any aspiring gang creators.


Skype includes VOIP, video conferencing 1 to 1 only, teleconferencing (up to 5) and chat (up to 50 in a chat). It’s free if both parties are on Skype. It effectively revolutionises how you do business because any gang can have its own permanent running Skype chat. This means that anyone can raise a topic and it sits there until one of the others has time to deal with it.

It has a much greater immediacy to it than e-mail and is almost entirely opt-in. Because it multi-tasks its possible to have ongoing conversations while engaging in writing complex documents – like this one.

This is what it looks like and here is an example of an ongoing chat. As you can see there are about 50 people in this with topics constantly coming and going.

It can be used in a much tighter way between 5 people delivering a project together, Check it out at

Google Docs is a powerful tool that allows documents resembling word, excel and PowerPoint to be hosted by Google and accessed by you and your team. The real benefit is that you can have a team of several people working collaboratively on a spreadsheet at the same time, each updating their own sections. You can have a look at

BaseCamp is a product of 37 signals that also do a chat product and a hosted CRM application. I have been using it to support my projects for the last 18 months. It essentially gives you some space to store the definitive project documents, allows people to comment allows you to enter and agree milestones and track progress.

I have a fairly modest subscription of about £6 per month which allows me to run 3 live projects plus as many archived ones as necessary. It’s real benefit is that it deals with version control, saves you having to be constantly emailing files to everyone and manages the audit trail of emails as commented threads.


Because its all properly backed up it means that your documents are more secure than sitting on your own server at home.

Uploading files is easy and I’ve now run 5 projects using it.

Costs range from $12 per month for 3 live projects and 1 Gb storage up to $149 per month for unlimited projects and 50 Gb. The more expensive versions also contain basic project planning tools and timer recording.

You can allow your clients access to the environment too so that you can add transparency of project management to the other benefits to the customer of dealing with your organisation.

BaseCamp, in its larger capacity offerings is a secure, encrypted environment. This can be very important to clients as would be need for secure encrypted environments for Video Conferencing and chat.

Skype is a free environment but there are other, equivalent, products which for a modest monthly fee will deliver an encrypted and more powerful service. Megameetings,  for instance will offer video conferencing for 5 at its entry level price and will also offer the facility for secure teleconferencing with recording and transcript facilities.

These tools facilitate the development of groups of consultants functioning as consortia which will enable them to bid more successfully for contracts and deliver them more effectively.

This obviously has an impact on the whole smarter working agenda which we’re going to look at next.



  1. Use all three, Alan, but also have a development of Basecamp which makes it an essential way of ensuring a healthy gross profit in a time-based consultancy environment.

    BTW, Acrobat Buzzword is a Flash-based ASP word processor which is a way ahead of Google Docs and very useful for collaboration on docs.

  2. Thanks Jeremy – always nice to hear from you

    I’ll have a look at Buzzword

    All the best

  3. It’s posts like this that make me appreciate blogs so much. Your feed has a new subscriber! 😉

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