Posted by: DrAlanRae | April 10, 2009

Academia in Antalya

I have been attending an academic conference this week about Marketing and Entrepreneurship. We gave a paper with some data from our networking study in it – about what strategies different types of small business can use to build their presence on line and face to face.

Regular readers here will know about my own ideas about small company growth and where they get stuck. It was nice to have some of them confirmed by some of the leading lights of small business academia. They main barriers seem to be

1) managing people
2) not having the capacity to build the systems that are needed – 1 colleague told me that his research showed that most businesses that succeeded in growing had as owner manager someone who had already got experience of being a manager in a large organisation
3) not being innovative enough

Generally it seems that finding opportunities is easy – they’re everywhere. It’s picking the right one and acquiring and deploying the resources around it that’s hard.

So here at how to do business we’ll be focusing some more on those themes.

On the human side in particular we’ll be much more dynamically promoting the Brain Technologies Corporation suite of products to help you understand how you and your team think and the values they aspire to.

After all – if you talk to them in ways that mean something to them, you’re more likely to get the results you want.

More soon



  1. Dear Frend, I´ve read yr article and i guess is very interesting.
    please let me know if you know name of some books about HOW TO HAVE A GOOD BUSSINESS NEGOTIATIONS, strategies or something-
    (maybe web site)

    Many thanks

    Felipe León (Mexico City)

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