Posted by: DrAlanRae | March 2, 2009

What’s a business modeler?

One of things I always have a problem is to come up with a compelling story that covers the range of what I do without it making me sound like a Jack of all Trades.

I keep playing with things like innovation, business elegance, just enough structure etc etc. but they just seem a bit weedy.

And then I thought of Business Modeler.

That’s good – you can tell people that’s what you do and when they reply what on earth is that you can tell them.

“It’s like this. In any business profit is a small number which is the difference between 2 large numbers – revenue and costs. If you can push up the sales, systematically and reduce your costs by working smarter you can push the 2 walls apart and end up with more profit.”

Wonderful. Not only that – it’s a short step to saying.

“So what I do is help people apply a bit of system to what they do, create an understandable business model so that the more they turn the handle, the more sausages come out.”

Business modeler – fantastic. Shame it’s taken me 10 years to think of it but that’s marketing for you.

Fits well with How to do Business at least.  One step nearer to world domination.


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