Posted by: DrAlanRae | January 20, 2009

Benefits of Recession

Turbulence in the Market Place is a great excuse for getting back to basics. It reinforces the idea that we need to tell people clearly what we do, more often and in the right places while at the same time being more canny in the way we deploy our resources. If you work both ends against the middle it’s surprisingly easy to end up making more money.

Communication’s the name of the game. You need to motivate the people you’re selling to AND people you’re working with. BrainMap alan

You get better results if you talk to people in the way that they see the world. The BrainMap helps you understand this. It’s an easy to use paper based tool that helps you understand your own ways of thinking better – and by extension those you want to communicate with.

If you understand how both sides think you can do a much better job of

  • selling
  • copy-writing
  • leading your team.

There’s nothing so powerful as a good idea clearly expressed. And it makes it easy for others to tell your story for you. You can find out more about the BrainMap here.

Reinforce your ties with your core gang(s). These are the people who will stand by you when the going gets tough. They’ll give you advice and tell other people about you and what you can do. So help them by communicating better.

Finally – analyse the results of your marketing. Most of your real business is going to come from face to face conversations or from referrals from other people. But a good online presence makes this much easier. You probably spend about 12 hours a week promoting yourself. So make sure you get the balance right.

It’s no accident that the best online marketers seem to be good at face to face networking  too. But if your business is scalable or non local you WILL need to spend some time online. If you need help to build a time and cost-effective presence, our Punch above Your Weight Workshop is in London on 5th February – Price £177 inc VAT.

So don’t let it all get you down. Use it as a time to start running things properly and build a solid foundation for whatever comes next.



  1. hey thanks for commenting on my blog, every little bit helps. take care.

  2. I really liked your blog. Very useful information, I read it detail, also book-marked it and will be back in the future to read some more of your interesting posts ! keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. After a horrible winter, we have recovered and see some benefits to how we operate:

    1. Growing in a declining market costs much less. Growing is horrifically expensive. More stock, more cash, more space, more staff. It eats money. Do it when the market is down and you can grow share with out the spend.

    2. The competition became distracted. Some competitors cut back, reducing range and staff. That gave us opportunities.

    3. We learnt to focus on the best customers. One of the first things to happen was poorly managed customers going bust. It has really tightened credit control and our views on who are the best people we want to work with.

    4. We treat things with more respect. From forklifts in the warehouse, to the chairs and computers, people have started to feel respect for things. Everything is less disposable.

    5. We learnt to look for value again. We have re-pitched all main items of expenditure, not necessarily giving the business to the cheapest, but the best.

    6. We have slowed down and thought more.

  4. nice information, thanks for sharing. I would like to spread the words.

  5. I was reading the huffington post a few weeks ago about the Goldman Sachs investment in for-profit career schools and was astounded at the connections to the white house they have and university of phoniex. I mean talk about a monopoly. <a href="

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