Posted by: DrAlanRae | January 5, 2009

How will you promote yourself this year?

Given that this is the year of back to basics, how are the smart people spending their marketing money?

This chart from Marketing Sherpa may give us some clues


It looks like the things that are in favour tick one or more of these boxes

a) Have some personal input

b) are inexpensive

c) are under our direct control and are easy to monitor

The good thing about hard times is that it forces us back to basics and makes us realise that profit is a small number that is the difference between 2 large numbers – sales and costs. So we have to keep up on the momentum with Sales while getting more for our money.

Doing more with less in fact.  Good job we have twitter, really, isn’t it?

If you want any help in developing your strategy you have only to ask.

Happy New Year




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