Posted by: DrAlanRae | June 30, 2008

What we’ve found out this month

Our collaboration project means that we’ve been mainly focusing on tools that allow independent consultants to collaborate together. We ran our pilot workshop on the 20th June at the Hub and explored some of the benefits of working together as well as some of the tools that you can use. We’re running the final pre production workshop at the Hub on 18th July – you can book here.

The team went to the Fuel conference on 13th at the RIBA where amongst other things there was a full review of tools for collaboration. Their recommendations included our core tools like basecamp, google docs. wordpress, flickr and feedburner, you-tube and viddler.

It really confirmed to us that promotion and collaboration are two sides of the same web 2.0 coin – which is where are own Punch Above Your Weight research projects seem to be leading us. Other tools which were recommended included,, and www.libsyncom. Not to mention which we’d come across before. A fuller account of the day is here.

Last week I was at the CIM monthly meeting at Gatwick. We had a couple of presentations about international trade with one fascinating one from Dyson about launching their revolutionary blade hand drier. This was their first venture into Business to Business marketing and threw up a number of challenges including different distribution structures and practices in different markets. In the UK over 60% of public lavatories use hot air driers. In the states 90% are still using paper towels. However efficiency, speed of drying, sustainability and cost savings enabled them to put together a cost effective story.

Spookily enough we were running round tables again to get people to network better. Being used to Ecademy events, Marketers generally seem to keep themselves to themselves so the committee has been trying various strategies. I was sitting next to people distributing Megameetings in the Uk. They had been mentioned in despatches by someone at the collaboration pilot the week before. The product is like skype but being paid for is secure, reliable and lets you have up to five participants in a video conference.

Better still its scalable and if you want to run tele-classes which is something I have been thinking about for some time, it lets you end up with a transcription of what was said. Great for producing knowledge products. I’ll certainly be checking it out. You can find them here.


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