Posted by: DrAlanRae | June 10, 2008

Let’s Work Together


Over the last couple of months we have been interviewing companies who are taking the lead in using the tools of web 2.0 to form gangs able to work together to

  • Create collaborative offers
  • Share the burden of customer acquisition
  • Manage the delivery of the programme itself once the order is secured.

The tools that work facilitate these processes are mapped to the operations.

collaborative processes

Skype is the basis of communication using chat, conference and ad hoc file transfer..

FaceBook, Ecademy and Linked-in help you find collaborators and customers. Google Docs lets you all work in the same document at the same time while BaseCamp offers a secure document store and gives you the project management tools you need to manage delivery of the project.

Ning, a tool for building ad hoc communities, lets you give your customers an environment where you can support them..

We’ve used these tools to develop the course materials and support people who have been on the course.

This time we’ve built a workshop to explain to you how to find a gang of like minded people that you can work with. And then we’ll show you how to use the tools for bidding for and delivering projects collaboratively. All based on the experiences of 12 pioneers that we interviewed plus our own experiences of working together on the Abandoned Heroes, Punch Above Your Weight and Let’s work together projects.

The workshop starts with a half hour overview and then reviews the case studies to draw out what our interviewees taught us. In the second half we’ll show examples of what others have done and introduce you to the toolkit.

The pilot will run on 20th June at the hub near Liverpool Street and will cost a mere £25 + VAT. You can book at this link.


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