Posted by: DrAlanRae | April 25, 2008

A creative and tech-y week

Well we got the bid off safely after it had turned into a bit of useful knowledge in its own right.

One thing I’ve learned is that it really pays to put the footnotes in with the full reference as you go along – saves hours later.

While writing it I concluded that the reason we don’t get the productivity that we should in the UK is because

a) There’s a social penalty exacted for being analytic

b) only girlies take the trouble to explain what it’s all for

Result – Misery. – so nothing new there then.

However back at the glasshouses we have made some great leaps forward. I’ve succeeded in mapping the WordPress blogs to the respective subdomains which turned out much easier than expected.

I’ve been initiated into the mysteries of twitter can now create feeds from ecademy and hopefully from this ‘ere blog and


I’ve got the affplanet affiliate system working. This has been on the agenda for a long time and it now seems to work. So there’ll be no stopping the global march of the knowledge products, 1Man Brand, Punch above your Weight and all the new business growth stuff.

I’ll do a review of these 2 tools and their role in a small company’s bid for world domination when I get back from a sunny few days in Turkey at the tidy house. Thanks are due to my friend Barbara Saul for help with testing the affiliate link.


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