Posted by: DrAlanRae | April 19, 2008

Innovation and technology for growth

We’ve had an interesting week here. As well as giving a talk on IT in growth businesses, I’m preparing a bid for a research project into innovation and growth companies.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to successfully grow a business bearing in mind what’s been going on in the expansion of our internet trading and organic vegetable business.

The Branding and Vision work convinces me that successful companies have a vision and set of values that permeate everything they do. However this has to be reflected in a practical and successful dance with the market.

The qualities you need are shown in this diagram

What successful companies do

Imagine it as a sphere inside a pyramid (well a tetrahedron really).

The tennis ball is the value and vision of the company. Deployed around this are the ability to create a continuing stream of new products that the market wants, the ability to deliver it consistently and the ability to attract the people that the company needs to make it happen. Finally you need to be able to tell the story in language that motivates the customer to want to come back for more.

Doing this in today’s world means using technology – for flexible working, to deliver a consistent product and service and to communicate using pull as well as push techniques taking full use of the connectivity that the internet gives us.

So success is about integrating people skills with rigorous process, vision with gut passion and thinking with acting. Truly successful businesses integrate all parts of the brainmap.


As you can see here. So success is very much dependent on integrating left and right brain approaches to management. We’ll return to this theme later.



  1. If you are in business, small or corporate, you must consider all aspects. From operation and decision making. Todays technology will really help you with easement.

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