Posted by: DrAlanRae | April 4, 2008

On line Marketing Tools 1 – Squidoo

A colleague in one of the clubs on Ecademy asked me to summarise what I’ve found out about Squidoo so I thought it would be worth while re posting it here.

I created a number of lenses about 18 months ago and have been using them in a low-key way ever since. Squidoo is the brainchild of Seth Godin who’s books on-line and permission marketing should need no introduction. In his e-book “flipping the funnel” he talks about ways of giving your advocates a megaphone – squidoo was his attempt at creating a tool to do this.

For those who haven’t played Squidoo is basically an aggregator which lets you put a lot of information on a topic together quickly. It consists of a series of “buckets” which will hold articles, lists of books from Amazon, shops for selling cafe press items, and RSS feeds so you can include blogs and other goodies like you-tube videos. also has a feed from the ecademy how to do business club which I set up to see if it would work.

Does it have much practical use other than creating another link? Well you can use it to build a specific presence on a specific topic – it’s basically a mini-site after all. I created which works in that way.

It’s real value is the speed with which you can put it together – its more permanent than a blog, but much, much easier to create a body of knowledge that you control (including the relevant anchor text) than a conventional site.

One lens which I use in anger is

When we began the organic veg. pilot it seemed to me that I would need to promote that line of business by going out and talking to people – but in today’s business world you need to back up face to face activity with some kind of web-presence. We had no idea whether the project would fly so instead of spending a couple of days on a conventional site I knocked up the lens in about an hour and a half. It’s still our main web presence for this business although is now under construction.

And of course we created as part of the training materials for the workshop which covers building multiple web presences amongst other things.

So it’s kind of like blogging – it depends what you want to achieve. If you are looking to be perceived as the world expert in a niche topic or you need a reasonable web presence in a hurry I think it has its uses.

It has a good alexa ranking – 750 ish at present but I’m not clear how well Google goes down to bucket level.

Finally you get a co-operative divvy of the site’s adsense takings. I’ve earned $15 in about 18 months.

So that’s it. I think its worth giving it a whirl – but like everything else in marketing, be clear about WHY you’re doing it and don’t get carried away by the theatricality of it.

Hope that’s helpful




  1. Good for people to know.

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