Posted by: DrAlanRae | March 19, 2008

Speak to attract

I came across something that made me stop and think the other day. It said that the difference between an amateur and a master is that the amateur’s work is never finished. The master makes the essence clear at once – the rest is commentary.

The author gave as examples how a cartoonist like Gerald Scarfe catches the essence of the individual in a few lines or how the opening da da da dum in Beethoven’s 5th sets the tone for the whole work. The Maharishi once said that the whole of the Veda is encapsulated in the first word – Agni not to mention Seth Godin and the IdeaVirus.

Alas I’m not that good. However when the Sun and Moon are absent the stars have to do the best they can.

I delivered a workshop on web design yesterday morning and as I usually do I send people the slides in exchange for permission to contact them. So I started thinking about how to encapsulate the essence of web stuff in a few sentences – just to remind them.

So here was my list of key things they should take away.

“Just to summarise the key points of the day

  1. Marketing is about coming up with a story that connects you emotionally with your customers to make them want to buy from you and then telling it in as many places as you need to get the business you want to make your numbers.
  1. Understand copywriting – short vs long copy and when to use it. How people read on line. How fonts, colour and layout affect the way they absorb information What language people with different thinking styles and values systems respond to. How they scan a page in an F –shaped format to take in information.
  1. You need be very systematic in your sales and marketing and remember that each page on your website is a step in a sales process that should end in a clear call to action. This can be a sale, a download of a proof of competence or an invitation to contact you.
  1. Remember you have 2 audiences – the human one that needs to be inspired and the robotic one (ie Google) that needs to know where to find you.
  1. You can use Google ad-words as a powerful tool to establish what words people use to describe and find your products and services. It’s a great big “ask the audience” machine.
  1. Once you know the phrase or idea you need to consciously use it everywhere. Branding is about owning a phrase or idea in the customer’s mind. Online you need to own it in Google’s mind too.
  1. Once you’ve got it use it in your offline branding and in critical positions in your site. Page title, page description, keywords tags, H1 and H2 tags, and as close to the front of the first sentence of the page as you can without it reading strangely. And use it to tag what you do on Social networks, Blogs and other online resources like Flickr and You-tube.”

However if you we wanted to express this in one big idea it might be

Speak to attract.

Can you improve on that? Some-one must be able to come up with something really whizzy.

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Internet Marketing, Branding, Marketing, Copywriting, keywords.


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