Posted by: DrAlanRae | February 8, 2008

A life of it’s own – when internet marketing starts to work

What we are trying to achieve with our on-line marketing is to create virtuous circles. When in spite of all our best efforts to drive traffic to our sites by use of google adwords or blogging or playing tricks with our autosignature or developing linking strategies, things start happening of their own accord.

A key skill of marketing is to have creative ideas and execute them – and then analyse the market to see how much difference it makes.

As the author of Punch Above Your Weight, I have to be continually measuring what’s going on with the various on-line presences I have created. Since the start of the year, 2 or 3 modest successes have occurred, evidenced by a modest but steady upturn in the traffic to several locations.

Firstly this blog itself. I don’t do a great deal to publicise it other than to have links to it in my autosignature and to promote it whenever I do an email newsletter – about every couple of months or so. That always delivers a spike but the baseline seems, for no apparent reason to have doubled in the last week.

Secondly one of the Squidoo Lenses has suddenly sputtered into life. A lens is a free internet presence, organised by the incomparable Seth Godin. It’s basically an aggregator which lets you put a lot of information together quickly to create a web presence as a one page site offering a lot of detail on a single topic. I have about half a dozen active ones one of which was created specifically as a web presence for our Organic veg business. However the one that’s activated is the Graves Spiral one. This is dedicated to the Clare Graves model for the evolution of value systems. I use it to help people understand some issues in marketing and leadership on the grounds that if you talk to people in the right language you’ll get a better result.

For no reason that I can see its now picking up getting on for 10 views a day and is steadily climbing the rankings. It’s an interesting read –

to find out more about Graves and his work follow this link

Finally the organic search on two of the sites has finally come of age. I had been heavily promoting free downloads of a marketing planning tool using Google ad-words on the site. Due to an outbreak of Bah Humbug I turned the clicks off before Christmas to save a bit of cash. To my amazed delight, instead of dying away to nothing, traffic only halved. So I’m now harvesting new email addresses at 50% of what I was getting before – for free! Not only that but the 1 Man Brand sales and marketing course has been steadily creeping its way up the organic rankings.

It’s now number 1 for Small Business Marketing Course, no 5 for Small Business Marketing and 60 for Small Business.

Its like watching your children grow up. Maybe I AM a competent parent/on-line marketer after all. If you would like to know how I did it have a look at Punch Above Your Weight – details in the blogroll.


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