Posted by: DrAlanRae | August 15, 2007

The variety of marketing life

This is turning out to be quite a demanding month. The Punch above your weight workshops continue to roll out – we’re aiming to do the 4th one on the 31st for which we are aiming to get the e-book complete – my partners in crime, Lisa and Fintan have already submitted some of their stuff so it will be a couple of late nights finishing it off.

In parallel with that I have been writing copy for someone’s web site, getting to grips with the video camera and the editing software, selling vegetables – have opened 2 new accounts in the last week and have written a paper on the digital divide for the Welsh Government.

Have also been posting a bit on ecademy – it’s really quite strange at the moment, there’s an on-going war between Law of Attraction fans and the sceptics brigade. Anything sound bitey and marketing orientated can get traction but nothing complicated seems to be picking up interest – must be the delights of August.

The digital divide stuff is fascinating normal laggard percentage in a market is about 16% – internet uptake seems to have stalled  with 39%. No-one on eek seems to think it odd – any takers?

Best think is  I now have small business marketing course  twice in the organic search on google. Once at number 10 via (I think) front page of ecademy and once at number 3 via what I can only think is home rolled SEO – whazzo!



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