Posted by: DrAlanRae | July 10, 2007

Results of first workshop



The first workshop was held on 6th workshop with 16 people and really went rather well.

We’re in the process of evaluating the feedback forms – most people felt that they got a lot out of it (and some of you were kind enough to record your impressions). However most people felt they could have done with some more hands on. 3 things we’ve decided to do for the next one

1. Run it from 9 till 1

2. See if we can stream the class by prior knowledge to some extent

3. Organise some more practical activity

There also seems to be an appetite for some more hands on work to supplement the course to date. We could do this a half day, or as a full day. We could accept 12 attendees maximum and would need to charge £95 per head for a full day or £150 per head for a full day. We are assuming that these would be likely to take place in August, maybe at Brunel.

It would be helpful if you gave us some feedback, either directly in the Blog so that we can gauge what would work best in the market place

If you have any colleagues who would like to come on the 20th, please let us know as places are going fast now. We will be running it in the autumn but at the £95 for a half day, £150 for a full day. Please let us know as soon as possible or refer them to the site. We are posting a few video clips onto the site so you can see for yourselves how it works

Some of you have requested on-going discussion and access to us. We had always intended to supply this type of support and after care via the Ecademy club and the Blog.

It definitely looks like there is an appetite for this type of sharp hands on workshop – our challenge is to interest the official sector in supporting them as the world is currently obsessed with qualifications – I’ll return to that another day.


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