Posted by: DrAlanRae | June 13, 2007

Conversation, Collaboration, Aggregation – the event

Marketing is about creating a good story that connects you with your customers and telling it in the right places – especially on the web. We’ve taken the insights from the Research Project and created a half day workshop for those who want to try their hand.

We’ve talked to several early adopter small companies during our current research programme who have become quite sophisticated in how they use on-line and web 2.0 techniques to help them punch above their weight and look more substantial to the outside world.

So we’ve created a hands on workshop for you to learn how to use these tools in your own business.

We’ll show you how to:

· discover the all important key-words that you need to develop your story and connect you with your customers in their language

· use blogging and tagging to spread the word and magnify your impact

· maximise traffic to your site with a little judicious search engine optimisation

· create and embed audio and visual material to add punch to your story

· use on-line networking, profiles and affiliations to multiply your presence

· use RSS to tie together all your online presence so that information you’ve created in one place can be sent somewhere else.

We’ll use examples from our early adopters to show how everyday businesses are using these techniques to Punch above their Weight.

The pilot workshop will be held at the Hub, 5 Wormwood St, London, EC2M 1RQ on Friday 6th July at 8.30am. The workshop will last 3 hours. The charge for this will be £25 + VAT to cover materials and refreshments. The project is a collaboration between Brunel Business School and

You can book your place by following this link.


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