Posted by: DrAlanRae | May 28, 2007

BusinessWise Number 2 in Business Books

BusinessWise is a revolutionary new business book which distils expertise from 19 authors, with more than 300 years of experience between them. Each is a professional in their field, and imparts advice gleaned from successful careers and hands-on experience. The £9.99 price is a fraction of the value of the saving businesses of all types will make, from errors usually learnt too late. The content covers, vision, marketing, sales, finance, collaboration, and people management.

The book was lau
nched on the 25th May and went straight to number 2 in the Amazon Business Books Chart.

This was a real example of on-line collaboration in action – the 19 authors agreed among themselves that approaches to people on Ecademy would be done centrally by Ecademy press while the individual authors were to contact their own mailing contacts with a centrally agreed list of offers.

The offer list with the attendant email is shown in the text of the previous blog entry.
As it happened, this co-ordination was enough to get the book into the top 20 bestsellers on Amazon on day 1 and to number 2 in the business books.

If you would like a copy of the book you can buy it at this link. While I can’t offer you the full range of offers, you can certainly have a free copy of my Market on-line e-book worth £15 if you send me a copy of your Amazon invoice before June 30th.



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