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Live R&D – Buy BusinessWise on 25th May on

As one of the 19 authors of BusinessWise ( I wrote the chapter on marketing) , I would like to tell you about this offer from Ecademy Press which will give you extraordinary value – over £200 worth of bonus products and services – for only £9.99 + postage. Here are the details of the offer.

On Friday 25th May for one day only, we are launching a new book, BusinessWise, with a special promotional offer that will be available to anyone who purchases the book on on that day.

BusinessWise is a revolutionary new business book which distils expertise from 19 authors, with more than 300 years of experience between them. Each is a professional in their field, and imparts advice gleaned from successful careers and hands-on experience. The £9.99 price is a fraction of the value of the saving businesses of all types will make, from errors usually learnt too late.

Brian Chernett, Founder and Chief Executive of The Academy for Chief Executives says of BusinessWise – “Starting up in business is fraught with pitfalls and problems. The rewards of a successful business, however, outweigh the risk. I want to see many more successful Chief Executives and this book provides valuable help from a number of entrepreneurs that have succeeded. “

When you order this book from, on Friday 25th May and only on that date, we will add to your purchase a set of bonus items and offers that take the value of your purchase to over £200. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps we set out below.

So what are these bonus items and services?

6 months free Business membership of Business Scene worth £30.
Business Scene is a combined effort between local Organisations. Their main focus is on quality events and helping people to build new and improved business relationships. They have activity across the UK, Australia, Germany, India, Pakistan and USA.

Personal Webhosting Package worth £49

Marieke Hensel offers a great value webhosting package including 50 MB webspace, 2000 MB traffic, 20 email accounts, a PHP/MySQL database and a free .com domain name. Guaranteed uptime of at least 99.9% with great support staff 24/7.

Internet Marketing Action – Plan A – One year’s subscription worth £66
Ecademy Press Webmaster and BusinessWise author, Barbara Saul offers a wealth of information for and about your website and the Internet – whether you’re taking care of your own website and Internet marketing or getting someone else to do it for you. The Internet Marketing Action – Plan A provides you with access to constantly reviewed and updated information and tools for anyone with a website. Included: design tips and templates, usability guidance, search engine optimisation (SEO) actions, online forum and support, and more. All in plain English, useful and enabling you to take action yourself. More details at

MarketOnLine!” ebook by Alan Rae worth £15

MarketOnline! is a 97 page e-book about using the internet to appear bigger than you really are. The e-book shows you how to use pay per click to establish what key-words people are looking for and then how set up a web of placements on the internet which point back to your home web-site. Based on our own online trading businesses we show you how to combine PR, offline and online marketing into a powerful strategy. We cover tools like Squidoo, and how to set up a blog which you can spread far and wide via RSS (really simple syndication) feeds. It’s full of practical tips and examples to help you get started.

Collaboration SkypeCast worth £25
Join our collaboration specialist, Tom Evans, for a very special lunch hour without leaving the comfort of your own desk – the BusinessWise Collaboration SkypeCast. These sessions are very lively and interactive and you will be guaranteed at least one new priceless business connection. Maximum 20 attendees.

Don’t Publish Your Book!” ebook on publishing options with a £9.95 value.

Publishing a book is something that most people dream about. The fame, the fortune… at least, this is the common myth. It’s true that bestselling authors today can make serious money and attract attention from the media. But first you need to find a major publisher. The vast majority of aspiring authors spend months and even years just trying to find an agent to represent them and sell their book to a publisher. The reality? Even after years of rejection letters, only one percent of all books submitted are ever accepted by traditional mainstream publishers. Help is at hand! In this short, insightful book, Mindy Gibbins-Klein (also known as The Book Midwife) walks you through the three main publishing options available today and gives practical advice to help you with your decision.

One Hundred Years of Ermintrude
audio and musical ebook worth £4.99
Listen to the inspirational story of a woman’s life in your next coffee break. Written by our collaboration specialist Tom Evans.

A Friend in Every City” ebook worth £5.99
A Friend in Every City is an inspirational and practical guide to the art and science of networking. The book looks first at the forces shaping the new ways of working, then at how online networks, such as LinkedIn, Open BC (now Xing), Ryze and Ecademy, are evolving to provide support for them. The authors look at how an individual worker can leverage these changes to their best effect.

Mike Southon, Co-Author of ‘The Beermat Entrepreneur’ and other business books says of BusinessWise – I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years and believe in encouraging more people to find their passion and pursue it. I’m pleased to see this book also encourages the idea that entrepreneurs can succeed and provides practical advice to help them do that. As a long-term supporter of Ecademy and a life member there myself, I’m delighted to recommend this book.

How do I get these bonuses?

Simply purchase BusinessWise from on Friday 25th May, 2007 and send us a copy of the receipt for your purchase to*. We will then send you a link to a special download page** from which you will be able to access all of the bonuses set out above. These bonuses have a combined value of over £200. The business wisdom and information in BusinessWise alone justifies the investment of £9.99 plus postage and the additional bonuses are our way of saying thank you for helping us make the launch a success.

Buy BusinessWise on 25th May on

If you wish to include your network in this offer foward them this email***.

Make sure you purchase the book on 25th May to qualify for the bonus offers.

Thomas Power, Chairman, comments “I have always believed that if you put people together, magic will happen. The right people will find each other and work together. New ideas and projects will be born. This book is proof of that. The authors met through networking on Ecademy and have used mostly electronic communications to develop this collaborative book. Each of the authors is brilliant at what they do – together they have produced a formidable business book.”

If you have received multiple copies of this email from your network, please accept our apologies. It means that several people in your network think you would appreciate this new business book and the special promotion.

All the best

Alan Rae on behalf of Mindy Gibbins-Klein and Andy Coote

Publishers – BusinessWise

* Receipts need to be received by us by midnight on Tuesday 29th May, 2007 to be included in this promotion.

** The weekend following Friday 25th May, 2007 is a Bank Holiday in the UK. We will use our best endeavours to provide access to the download page promptly. However, there may be a delay in providing this information.

*** A copy of this email will also be found at the Ecademy Press blog at



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